Review: Cross-Stitch iPhone Case for Craft Test Dummies

I reviewed the Neo Stitch Cross-Stitch iPhone Case on Craft Test Dummies!

Craft Product Review: Neo Stitch Cross-Stitch iPhone Case by Leese Design

When I first saw the Leese Design Neo Stitch Cross-Stitch iPhone Case, I was absolutely giddy with excitement. The idea of being able to cross-stitch a custom case for my phone was almost too much for my little embroidery-loving heart. But, before I got too excited, I knew that I would need to create a pattern that would put the case through its paces so I would know what I was working with. To test as many normal cross-stitch functions as I could, I created a dandelion cross-stitch pattern specifically for this review so I could see how the case would handle different combinations of stitches and lines and find out whether or not it would hold its shape after heavy stitching. I’m really pleased with how well the case worked with the pattern, and feel like I got a much stronger sense of the case’s potential by going beyond a simple x pattern. If you like the design and want to make one of your own, you can download a free copy of the pattern on my site, The Zen of Making

If you like my dandelion pattern and want to stitch one of your own, you can download it here for free!

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