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My Colette Patterns are Here!

My husband just walked in with a package, and I nearly tackled him trying to get it out of his hands so I could see what it was. And, just as I’d hoped, it was my fancy new Colette patterns!!

I’m super-geeked, not only because everything Colette makes is beautiful and awesome, but also because I’ll be participating in my very first sew-along this October, which will be using the (perfect and amazing) clover pants pattern.

Now, why is this a big deal? Well, because they’re PANTS, and I am totally afraid of making pants! I’ll make an evening gown, sure, but not pants. Pants need to fit in places like thighs and waists and backsides. Even worse, they need to fit in all of those places AT THE SAME TIME. (Enter classic horror movie scream here.) But, come October, I’m going to be brave. I’m know I’m in good hands with the folks at the Coletterie, so everything will be a-okay. Right? Right?!

Have you ever participated in a sew-along and/or survived making a pair of pants? How’d it go? I’m a little nervous, and I definitely need some crafty moral support.


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