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Sunday Shapshot: Cat Nap

I agree with Pixel—the window shelf is the perfect place for an afternoon nap on a hot summer day! I’m sure you can tell from the photo, but he’s pretty much the sweetest kitty ever. (For those of you who are not interested in adorable snoozing cats, you can also see my little hot pepper plants out the window. They’re loving this ridiculous NYC heat!)

Also, and entirely unrelated: OMG, I leave for CHA tomorrow. So much to do. Skirts to finish! Ends to weave in on sweaters! Protein bars to buy! (The Chicago convention center isn’t exactly known for its vegan options. I walked miles and miles to find the nearest place that could feed me the last time I was there.) No matter how ready I think I am, there’s always one last big push before trips like these.

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