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Friday Internet Crushes: Suitcase Pet Beds

Friday Internet Crushes: Suitcase Pet Beds | Red-Handled Scissors
Photo care of http://vintagerenaissance.blogspot.com/

For the past few weeks, Pixel-the-cat has absolutely insisted upon sleeping in our paper recycling bin. This (a) makes me feel like a bad cat mom and (b) is driving me crazy, because I can’t really recycle paper with a cat in the way. I keep thinking that, if he just had a really awesome cat bed, I could have my recycling bin back. So, when I came across these suitcase pet beds while clicking around Pinterest, it was like getting struck by a bolt of lightening.

DIY Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed tutorial from Fancy Seeing You Here

Photo care of http://fancyseeingyouhere.com/

I was originally thinking of making a bed that would sit directly on the floor, but I love the look of these contrast legs (and, let’s be honest, cats are better than you, and they like to be up off of the ground).

Vintage Suitcase Before and After from Run with Scissors

Photo care of http://www.iheartrunwithscissors.com/

I love that both halves of the suitcase are used in this pet bed. It really gives it a cute curiosity cabinet look. Also, I love self-contained spaces. A lot.

Vintage Suitcase Cat Beds from Vintage Renaissance

Photo care of http://vintagerenaissance.blogspot.com/

Vintage Renaissance is full of adorable design ideas, color combinations, and, of course, kitty photos. These crafty folks clearly have amazing thrifting skills, and I am green with envy. They used to sell their pet beds on Etsy, but I don’t see any listed in their new shops.

Lovable Luggage Pet Bunk Bed from Love Nostalgic Whimsy on Etsy

Photo care of http://www.lovenostalgicwhimsy.etsy.com/

My cats would never stand for this sort of thing, but I really wish they would. This is a perfect project for an old luggage set, but I’m guessing that it would also work using two halves of the same suitcase.

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Red-Handled Scissors


  1. OH MY GOD. I'm catching up on blogs for the first time in about a week and here I come to your blog for my usual reading-time-of-awesomeness and sdglskdgn!! There are pictures! Of suitcases! Full of cats!! My mind has broken into a million tiny, happy pieces. The look on the cat's face in the second picture is only a teensy bit better than the smug face on the cat in the top bunk in the last picture (because, let's face it, the top bunk IS THE BEST).

    Thank you for a post about kitties and about suitcases, because my boyfriend owns a bright red vintage Samsonite that is doing nothing but taking up space right now, because now I think I see a project for it. Thank you!!

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