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Epic Tutorial Fail

Thick band? Not flattering.

I’m on an upcycling kick, so I thought it would be fun to put together a super-simple pillowcase skirt tutorial. It wasn’t going to be anything fancy, just a quick warm-weather project for those of you who want something a little less involved than, say, a full pillowcase dress. So, I went for the traditional add-a-waistband-and-hem-it method, and then I realized something very important: GOOD LORD, PILLOWCASE SKIRTS ARE UNFLATTERING.

Thin band? Even worse.

First, as you can see in the photos above, I have obviously forgotten how to use a measuring tape. Elastic waistbands should never look like that. (And, lucky me, I thought I’d be efficient and make two at the same time—double fail!) But, even when I got out the seam ripper and shortened the elastic band, it didn’t really look much different. It was just a slightly better-fitting unflattering bunching of fabric. Second, unless you’re shaped like a 12-year-old boy through the hips—and I’m about as close to that as a gal can get—there’s no way a tube of fabric, even with strategic darting, is going to look like anything other than, you guessed it, a tube of fabric. So, the way I see it, this project was set up to fail.

My goals were simple enough: easy to make, fast, and cute. Two out of three usually ain’t bad, but I’m certainly not putting up a tutorial for something that, at the best of times (and the best of camera angles), only looks not quite horrible. I demand cute, and I’m heading back to the drawing board!

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