Friday Internet Crushes: Tabletop Starter Kits

Friday Internet Crushes: Tabletop Starter Kits | The Zen of Making
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Yudu Screenprinting System

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Lifestyle Crafts Epic 6 Letterpress Combo Set

I’ve been eying both of these tabletop starter sets for quite a while. I love crafty tools, and I would love to dabble in letterpress and silk screening, but I don’t necessary want to take the several thousand dollar jump into professional quality tools when I don’t know if I even *like* to work with either of them.

What do you think? Are starter sets fine for getting my feet wet, or is it better to sign up for classes at local studios where I can learn on the real thing?



  1. kkeerr says:

    my dad used to do screen printing and trophy engraving and what not and i had the chance to use his equipment and i just don't know how a table top systems could compare, but then again i have never used a table top set-up – if you decided on one i'm interested to see how everything turns out.

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