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What Do I Do with All This Felt?

You may have noticed that all of my recent projects have had the same basic color scheme. It’s not that I’m lazy—I just don’t have a choice! Though, to this day, I swear that I only ordered a couple of yards, it would seem that I accidentally ordered an entire bolt of charcoal gray eco-felt for my holiday gift crafting. That’s right, a whole bolt. A bolt that had to be carried home by subway, and that now must be stored in my tiny Brooklyn apartment. So, please forgive my monotone while I work feverishly to get it the heck out of my coat closet.

I’ve already made laptop cases, iPad cases, catnip mousies, scissor labels, and wallets, but now I’m at a loss. What would YOU make with an unholy amount of gray felt?


  1. Sam Kramer says:

    #1 – this is the cutest photo ever.
    #2 – I posted on twitter, but might as well leave here as well. I feel like I see a lot of felt fascinators on Etsy – Giant Dwarf is the seller that comes to mind (http://etsy.me/gdLUfz) but maybe something hair related? wouldn't use much I guess… but hey it's a start!! :)

    xo Sam

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