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Friday Internet Crushes: Lunchbox Love

The Lunchbox by OOTS

Friday Internet Crushes: Lunchbox Love | Red-Handled Scissors
Photo care of http://www.madebyoots.com/

To-Go Ware 3-Tier Tiffin

Photo care of http://www.to-goware.com/

Laptop Lunches Bento Box

Photo care of http://www.laptoplunches.com/

black + blum bento box

Photo care of http://www.black-blum.com/

I pack a lunch every day, so I actually own and use every container pictured in this post.  Though I’m pretty sure that my collection more than covers every conceivable lunchbox need, I’m always open to suggestions. (I’ve rarely met a lunchbox I didn’t like.)

How do you carry your lunch?


  1. stevie says:

    I took #1 to court just the other day when I was stuck in at lunch prepping for the abatement hearing of the damned and had brought food for more than just me.

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