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A Very Handmade Christmas Tree

A Very Handmade Christmas Tree | Red-Handled Scissors
After starting the day with our freshly cleaned bathtub suddenly filling with god-knows-what, Jeremy and I managed overcome the sludge and related grouchiness to pick up our very first Christmas tree on Sunday evening! I was very, very excited. (Mind you, this is not our first Christmas together, just the first year we’ve gotten a tree.)

When the time finally came, we ventured half a block from our apartment to buy our tree from—where else—the local 24-hour organic bodega. Ah, Brooklyn.

We meant to get a much smaller tree. I’m not exactly sure what happened.

When we got home, like a good little overly-enthusiastic wifey, I whipped up a little homemade hot chocolate to drink while trimming the tree.

As Jeremy unpacked the lights, we took our obligatory tangled-up-in-the-lights couples photo. We both need a haircut.

Before we added the tree, Pixel cat inspected our fancy tree stand to make sure that everything was good to go. Now, I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty that sure our new metal (!!!) tree stand is the most awesome tree stand ever to exist. However, don’t even get me started on how hard it is to find a stand that isn’t plastic in NYC.

In a minor holiday miracle, BFF Melanie showed up for unplanned hangouts and decoration making. We had a ton of pins leftover from the Rally to Restore Sanity and our wedding, so we pinned some onto ribbon to make some spectacularly weird garland.

For reasons that are beyond me, Jeremy put a bunch of odd stuff in the tree, including a wooden pig, creepy miniature cats, and our bus toy from the Emmys. This pin was particularly apt, as he later decided to make Helvetica alphabet ornaments.

To make the letters, Jeremy broke out my Silhouette SD and some thick paper, then he added a green thread hanger to each.

While Jeremy made letters, Melanie and I made snowflakes. Somehow, I managed to cut out half a cat shape, and ended up with a cat-themed paper snowflake. I couldn’t cut those whiskers again if I tried.

In addition to letters, Jeremy and I also made some hilariously tacky felt ornaments, including a tofu cube and a strip of bacon, each with a tiny felt Santa hat.

I’m quite pleased with our tree. It’s a little odd, but so are we. (For the record, one of our cats’ sparkle balls is currently holding court at the top.)


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