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NYC’s Newest Bloggers are in My Living Room

cat-sticks. Thin legs: late C. 18-mid-19. (“cat-sticks.” Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English. 5th edition. 1961.)

Were I a snarky fashion blogger, “Cat Sticks” would be the title of my blog. I think it’s funny, brilliant, and ever so slightly self-loathing. You know, everything you’d want in a fashion blog. But, since I like to make skirts more than I like to shop for them, I guess Cat Sticks will just have to wait.

Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning Red-Handled Scissors—I’m hosting a blog party! Two lady-friends and I have spent the evening brainstorming titles, content, design, and audiences, all with the end goal of getting their new blogs up and running.

We’ve probably spent more time hanging out than actually writing, but somehow I’m now more excited than ever to keep things fresh, to keep having new experiences, and, above all, to keep making things and writing about it. I may not be sending too many amazing ideas across the living room tonight, but, true to form, I will be sending my pals home with pumpkin muffins.

Where do you get your blogging ideas?

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