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Friday Internet Crushes: Kitchen Edition

Friday Internet Crushes: Kitchen Edition | Red-Handled Scissors

Homegrown Potato Chips! from Vintage Chica
Everything about this potato chip tutorial makes me want to round up my own used tires and start growing potatoes. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure a stack of tires on my fire escape would rack up some pretty hefty violations in no time. Alas, herbs it is, and herbs it shall stay.

SMEG Fridges for Small Kitchens from Apartment Therapy
If anyone is heading to Sears anytime soon, would you mind picking one of these puppies up for me? I’ll pay you back at yoga next week.


Audra Wolf on the Canvolution from Canning Across America
I’ll admit it: Canning scares me, and I’m willing to bet it scares a lot of you. But, after spending five minutes watching this video, I now understand which foods are safe to can in a traditional way, and which foods really do require a pressure canner. With the botulism mystery solved—no DIY Botox here—I think I may finally be ready to take the canning plunge.

Quilted Coasters from A Pretty Cool Life on Just Another Day in Paradise
I don’t really need more coasters. But, I could always make them anyway and give them away as gifts, right? I mean, this is NYC, and housewarming season is definitely upon us. It’s not like I’m just making excuses to justify my crafting..


  1. Brooke says:

    Hi, I just stumbled across your blog. I love the idea of wanting an urban garden (I'm a fellow vegan brooklynite …albeit a very new transplant to the city). Right now the only edibles my roommates and I have growing is pineapple mint.

    However, it is not a good idea to grow plants, especially things you are going to eat, in old tires. Tires may contain lead, as well as benzene and phthalates.

    I love the blog & good luck at the Emmys! What can I say… I may just be a little jealous of you going to the Emmys ;D


  2. Welcome to Brooklyn! I moved to BK from the Midwest about 5 years ago.

    I have no idea how old the tires they're using are, or if they've taken precautions to protect against chemicals. I'm sure you could take the same idea and use healthier materials. I love the idea, though.

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