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Friday Internet Crushes: Things I Desperately Want

Ready Made Magazine Blog’s DIY Air Plant Chandelier
Friday Internet Crushes: Things I Desperately Want | Red-Handled Scissors
(Photo care of http://readymade.com/)

As you may have noticed earlier this week, I’m kind of obsessed with air plants right now.

Alternative Outfitters My Vegan Blog’s Vegan Mozzarella Sticks
 (Photo care of http://myveganblog.com/)

Does anyone want to come over and help me try out this recipe? Because, if vegan mozzarella sticks are now a possibility in this world, all of my dreams are coming true.

You Grow Girl’s Vintage Card Catalog Seed Organizer

When I saw the photo, I immediately wondered why I hadn’t thought of it first. Given, that statement is coming from the weird girl who uses a phlebotomy chair as a computer desk. You’ll have to click through to see what I’m talking about.

 A store for all of your lab glass, electric, and gear-driven needs. I love beakers, and use them for everything. I once made a lab glass cocktail set for a friend’s wedding using only materials available from this store. Let me tell you, it looked smart and classy.

I am the proud owner of a Swift Folder folding bicycle. It’s solid, compact, and simple. I’m a huge fan of clean lines and things that work the way they’re supposed to, and this bike delivers.


  1. RobynE says:

    We have such a huge crush on our "chemical cocktail" set! Currently, it is packed safely away but I think we need to get it out and start using it this summer. See you in less than a month! :)

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