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New To-Go Ware Tiffin Lunchbox!

My favorite Laptop Lunches Bento has, sadly, reached the end of its long and useful life. The very last threads of plastic on the hinge are about to give way, which will render it useless for keeping food inside (which, obviously, is the main function of a good lunchbox). This critical failure is likely to take place the next time I use it, which will probably be on the subway when I’m running late. These things just seem to work like that.

Anyway, I knew that I needed to replace my beloved bento, so, while I was in Portland visiting Herbivore Clothing, I picked up a spankin’ new tiffin lunchbox, a set of bamboo utensils, and a carrier bag by To-Go Ware. Ain’t she a beauty?

I will miss my old friend, but I can’t help but get really excited about my shiny new lunch date. I mean, can you blame me?

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