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Monday Snapshot: A Very Crafty Christmas 2013 | Red-Handled Scissors

Monday Snapshot: A Very Crafty Christmas 2013

I think it’s safe to say that my incredibly generous Michigan family and friends know me pretty darn well, because there was a whole lot of crafty awesomeness with my name on it under the Christmas tree this year. (Okay, under several different Christmas trees.) My holiday highlights include a Dremel workstation/drill press, a mitre …

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Craft Social: Holiday 911 | Red-Handled Scissors

Craft Social: Holiday 911

Survive the holiday crafting season with your sanity in tact! Join me and co-host Barbara TODAY (Tuesday, 11/27) for this month’s Craft Social Twitter chat. In today’s chat, we’ll discuss different approaches to holiday crafting, why we give handmade, and tips and tricks for making on a deadline. Then, at the end of the chat, …

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