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Friday Internet Crushes: Confectioners' Sugar Lollipop Molds | Red-Handled Scissors

Friday Internet Crushes: Confectioners’ Sugar Lollipop Molds

I’m in Vermont for the weekend for a wedding, and I’ve been traveling all day. I’m feeling a little tired and a little lazy, so I was just going to put up a picture of the beer that I had this evening at McNeill’s and call it a crush. (Hey, who doesn’t like beer?!) But, …

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Vegan "Cadbury" Creme Egg | Red-Handled Scissors

Vegan “Cadbury” Creme Egg

I’ve been meaning to try my hand at a vegan version of this wondrous seasonal confection for at least two years. And today (yes, the day AFTER Easter), I have finally done it. I’m fairly certain that the original recipe was posted on the PPK ages ago, but I was only able to find a …

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Friday Internet Crushes: Candy and Cardigans | Red-Handled Scissors

Friday Internet Crushes: Candy and Cardigans

Edible Toys Photo care of http://www.candyblog.net Two words: Edible Legos. And, according to Candy Blog, who contacted the company, they’re vegan. For skinny geeks about to build, I salute you! (A big thanks to my friend Meg, who knew I needed to be aware of these.) heather B Candle Cardigan(Update 4/26/13: This collection and cardigan …

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