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Crocheted Flower Brooch | Red-Handled Scissors

Crocheted Flower Brooch

My BFF’s birthday seemed like the perfect excuse to buy Nicky Epstein Crocheted Flowers. As it turns out, it was also the perfect excuse to start a new project that was, skill-wise, way, way out of my depth. However, after several very late nights of staying up with the hook (and very little ripping out …

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Rally to Restore Sanity, Here We Come! | Red-Handled Scissors

Rally to Restore Sanity, Here We Come!

We’re in Washington, DC at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, and we made some sweet buttons. I’m dressed up as Ira Glass (pictured here in my 2008 Ira incarnation), and Jeremy is dressed up as Tucker Carlson. If you spot us, we’ll totally give you some. Buttons, that is.

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The Books-to-Buttons Project | Red-Handled Scissors

The Books-to-Buttons Project

As planned, Jeremy and I spent a good portion of the afternoon searching for books to use in our books-to-buttons project. Our plan was to find graphically interesting books that were unlikely to be used in the future because of poor condition or outdated information (old science books and atlases), and to recycle them into …

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