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My Chevron Lace Cardigan is Finally Finished!

My Chevron Lace Cardigan is Finally Finished! | Red-Handled Scissors

Despite last weekend’s tragic ripping-out-the-second-sleeve-with-just-two-inches-to-go, I have triumphed: my crocheted chevron lace cardigan is finally finished!

This victory is especially sweet because, back when I was first learning how to crochet, this was the first large project with fancy yarn that I ever started. Alas, when the sleeves proved too difficult for my then-beginner hooking skills, my lovely lace cardi was relegated to the WIP box and all but forgotten. But, when I uncovered the project bag in last month’s studio purge and revamp, I was delighted to find that, thought not perfect, the original work that I’d done was surprisingly strong. Once I added sleeves and and a few finishing touches, and I had a finished lace cardigan!

Here’s what I used:

Chevron Lace Cardigan, by milobo on Ravelry.

Lana Grossa Linea Pura Organico (organic cotton), 50g/90m per skein. Color: 022.

Size J (6.00mm) crochet hook.

I haven’t blocked the sweater yet because I’m still trying to decide on the best approach. Since I used a relatively heavy cotton yarn, the stitches already look pretty even and the chevron lace design is open and visible. Beyond relaxing the yarn, I’m not actually sure that blocking will be very helpful. (Mind you, I’m going to do it anyway. Because, you know, that’s how it’s DONE.) So, if you’ve got a go-to method for blocking cotton sweaters, I’d sure love to hear about it!


  1. albertine30 says:

    Hello, this is really very successful, especially if you’re debutante, he indeed a big bravo + + + +
    Did you put the tutorial??? or can we find??
    Thank you and good luck, FRIENDESHIPS, joëlle

  2. Ruth V. says:

    Hi, there!

    That is truly wonderful, especially with the tragic sleeve (which doesn’t show).

    My mom was a knitter (complex irish aran patterns) and she formed a relationship with her favorite dry cleaner who was great with a steam machine and blocked all sorts of crafts (including my embroidery). I suppose if I were doing it myself, I would work with lots of muslin towels below and above the knitting, and lightly pressing with an iron on full steam mode. You are right, the sweater looks great, but I bet the bottom & edges will have more of a tendency to curl without blocking.

  3. Willeke says:


    I want to make this for me
    But i don´t get what is first must do
    First i must make the Foundation start whit Ch 22
    And than by Instructions i must make Ch 47

    I have look for video´s but i can not find that
    Hope you can help me

    Greets Willeke

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