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Sunday Snapshot: It’s Sweater Season

sweater season

Sweater season is finally upon us, and I hereby dub the next seven days Start That Damn Cardigan Week!

I’ve spent the last few days flipping through all of my books and magazines trying to find the *perfect* pattern, and I think I’ve managed to whittle the pile down to only two or three top picks. Now, for the big question: Do I want to knit or crochet?


  1. randomjoyce says:

    I have just recently discovered the joy that arts and crafts can bring. And with all this time in my hands, I have decided that I may want to pick up knitting or crocheting.. I have googled many times the difference between the two so I guess my question is, which one do you prefer? And which is the best to learn first?

    • Re: Which best to learn first:
      I learned how to knit first, but I found that crochet was easier to learn and yielded faster results. My best friend was completely the opposite, so it’s largely a matter of personal preference. The methods are completely different, so there’s no right answer for which you should learn first. I’d give both a try, and see which one is most enjoyable/makes the most sense to you.

      Re: Which I like better:
      I really enjoy both knitting and crochet, but I tend to use them in different ways: crochet for more utilitarian items like dishcloths and tote bags, knitting for more delicate items in lighter weight yarns like hats and mittens. (If it matters, crochet uses a lot more yarn than knitting.)

      Hope that helps!

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