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Sunday Snapshot: Feather Mustache FTW!

In case there was ever any doubt, I can rock a craft store feather mustache like nobody’s business! (And that’s what makes me awesome.)

My husband snapped this photo in a craft store called PRESSER AG – Das Haus mit 1001 Bastelideen (translation: PRESSER AG- The House with 1001 Craft Ideas) in Basel, Switzerland while we were on vacation last month. And, despite the fact that I clearly did not have my maturity in check that day, you’ll be relieved to know that no international incidents were triggered as a result of my unauthorized playing.

The US State Department already appoints cultural ambassadors, but don’t you think they should appoint craft ambassadors too? FEATHER MUSTACHES FOR EVERYONE! HUZZAH!

Should you find yourself in need of a feather mustache in Basel:

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Fair warning: Like pretty much everything else in Switzerland, craft supplies are hell of expensive (think $400 or more for a Spellbinders Grand Calibur). Don’t expect to find any deals, but do expect to come home with something awesome; the stores stock a ton of items that simply aren’t available here in the US. If you’re into specialty felt, mini figurines, customizable wooden pieces, and high-end needlework textiles, you’re going to be in DIY heaven! (PRESSER AG is where I picked up my mini treadle sewing machine.)

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