Friday Internet Crushes: What I’m Making over Memorial Day Weekend

Friday Internet Crushes: What I'm Making over Memorial Day Weekend | The Zen of Making
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1. A Terrarium
A few years ago, Apartment Therapy featured a tutorial from now-defunct Domino Magazine. What’s left is basically container geek porn, which makes me want to buy more lab glass.

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2. A Skirt
A patternless curve-hugging pencil skirt from Cotton and Curls will certainly add a little va-va-voom to my closet. This girl makes it oh so simple to look oh so good!

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3. Chocolate Chip Cookies
After this week, my kind, helpful, and very patient husband deserves cookies. Delicious cookies. I’m pretty sure these Salt-Kissed Chunky Peanut Butter Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies from Oh She Glows fit the bill exactly.

So, what are you making over the long weekend?

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The Zen of Making


  1. Raggedyannarchy says:

    Hello, Ms. Zenofmaking. I like this place! I'm working this weekend, but if I weren't, I'd be totally into that cat-bed suitcase. Thanks for your visits to Love and Trash, and for your insighful comments.

  2. Blssjones says:

    (1) A mess with Gorilla Glue (Yuck).  But the broken drawer is fixed.
    (2) A pile of legal research (to come and BORING)
    (3) A fuss about having to do the damn laundry.

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