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Friday Internet Crushes: Map Crafts

Map Magazine Holders from Kensington Cottage

Friday Internet Crushes: Map Crafts | Red-Handled Scissors
Photo care of http://kensingtoncottage.blogspot.com/

As we all know, item-specific containers make me go a little weak in the knees. But, these magazine holders go way beyond that. They make me feel compelled to collect every single back issue of National Geographic Magazine and line them up in perfect order on a built-in wall shelf (with a ladder). There’s something very Tenenbaum going on here, and I like it!

Paper Airplane Garland from Armelle the Blog

Photo care of http://armellejewelry.blogspot.com/

Where do I even begin with something as brilliant and wonderful as airplane garland made out of map paper? Quick, somebody have a party so I have an excuse to make some! (If you’re not into garland, click through the link anyway. The airplane-themed party that this garland is from is absolutely lovely. Can we do that for my birthday next year?)

Map Coasters Tutorial from Almost Never Clever

Photo care of http://almostneverclever.wordpress.com/

Whenever I travel, I end up with tons of maps (vegan food maps, neighborhood maps, street maps, museum maps, transit maps). When I get home, I usually throw them all in a makeshift scrapbook binder, and never think of them again. But, wouldn’t coasters be a much more useful (and visible) way to be reminded of past adventures?

With so many maps available in NYC, I don’t think I’ll have any trouble getting my hands on some good ones for future crafting.

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