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Heidi’s 8-Hour Crocheted Hat

While I was in Michigan visiting family last weekend, I set a new personal record for crochet project speed: I made a full winter hat for my cousin Heidi (including adding a flower and weaving in the ends) in 8 hours flat.

Granted, I was using super bulky (6 weight) yarn and a size P hook. But, I made the pattern up as I went along. That has to count for something, right?!


  1. Cute hat :D
    Thought id share a link for something I am ITCHING to try!!! You seem to sometimes get a wild hair…..I think this flower pattern will make an awesome "take your crochet project with me in the car" bag. If you don't have a wild hair right now you could always pick 4 or 5 similar color pattern colors to make it in.
    P.S.- I did some research & found where a lady translated the German? pattern into English, BUT, it still makes no sense, so I think I will "re-translate" it today & make a test piece. When i get it right, I'll email a copy to ya :)

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