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It’s My Birthday, and I’ll Craft if I Want To!

It’s me! I’m the Birthday Girl!

Today is my birthday!

To celebrate, I spent last night cleaning my apartment from top to bottom.

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait. How is that celebrating?”

It’s celebrating because now I get to spend the whole day crafting and reading and doing whatever I feel like doing most! Maybe I’ll make a new skirt, start a crochet project, or curl up on the couch with a cat a book. I don’t know, but I’m totally excited!

The promise of a full day of crafting day got me thinking about handmade gifts, and all of the amazing things that my talented friends have given me over the years. This year, my sister sent me a neat handmade card, and last year Jeremy painted me a picture; I’ve gotten huge piles of delicious baked goods from my kitchen-tastic evil twin, and my BFF once gave me a pair of the most beautiful fingerless gloves that I’ve ever seen. Every single handmade thing that I’ve ever received has made me feel incredibly special—I can’t think of a better way to show someone that they are loved!

So, what’s the best handmade gift you’ve ever gotten/gave?


  1. Monica says:

    Oh how I love homemade gifts! I think the best one I've gotten in a while is a little wooden heart my 7 year old cousin gave me the day after my wedding. She had used pink and purple (the colors in my wedding) and had our initials and marriage date. Totally from the heart.

  2. Stephgrinage23 says:

    I agree, every handmade gift i have ever received has been special to me :) my house is full of all of the furniture and other things my grandpa has made over the years :) seriously though, nothing speaks to me as well as food does!! Our first Valentine's Day as a married couple I had to work all day until 7pm at a new job, my husband had surprisingly taken the day off, learned from my mother how to make a home made lasagna (family recipe) and cleaned our apartment top to bottom.. and followed with a home made cheesecake :) the food is long gone, but the memory is there forever!!

  3. Eryn Stutts says:

    My great great grandmother crocheted me an afghan when she was 103 years old and i was super tiny… i still sleep with it every night…..And my bff sculpted me a really incredible mask for Xmas this year, and that was awesome.

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