Friday Internet Crushes: Ultimate Craft Organization

Friday Internet Crushes: Ultimate Craft Organization | The Zen of Making

The kitchen table: My real workspace.

I live in NYC, so it should probably go without saying that I do not have a spectacularly spacious crafting area. But, if I did, here are a few things I would use to organize it.

Foster Flat File

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Flat files: traditionally for blueprints, but I would use it to store sewing patterns, cutting mats, and stencils.

Antique Hardware Drawers

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An old set of hardware store drawers would be perfect for buttons, trimmings, crochet hooks, X-Acto knives, machine needles…the possibilities are endless.

Sew Bright 20 Mega-Tray Storage Cutting/Craft Table

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Fabric storage + cutting surface + sewing surface = love.

Pegboard Thread Rack

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A pegboard could be used for so many things in the life of a crafter, and thread storage is just one of them. Embroidery floss hanging on hooks on said pegboard is another.


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