Crocheted Flower Brooch

My BFF’s birthday seemed like the perfect excuse to buy Nicky Epstein Crocheted Flowers. As it turns out, it was also the perfect excuse to start a new project that was, skill-wise, way, way out of my depth. However, after several very late nights of staying up with the hook (and very little ripping out of stitches, I might add), I actually got it done in time for her party on Saturday night!

Here’s a picture of the BFF in her fancy new pin. The pattern said it was a sunflower, but I think it looks just as nice as a giant, fluffy Melanie-flower. (Melanie, for her part, actually made the sweater she’s wearing. It has owl-shaped cables. She’s kind of a knitting magician.)

**If you click through a link to in this post, I will make a little money if you make a purchase. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.** 


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