Friday Internet Crushes: Oh, the Stuff You Will Cut!

As you may have noticed, my husband got me a Silhouette SD for our anniversary, and I’m a leeeeettle bit obsessed. Every time I think that I’ve come up with a list of every single new project that I could possibly make, I see something on another blog that I haven’t even considered. So, this Friday’s Internet Crushes is devoted to just a few of the seemingly endless possibilities that open up when one is the (very) proud owner of a digital cutting machine.

Window Decal from Making it Lovely

Friday Internet Crushes: Oh, the Stuff You Will Cut! | The Zen of Making
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I live in Brooklyn, so I don’t have a car. But, if I did, you can bet that there’d be a decal of me, Jeremy, and the two cats in the back window.

Gift Tag from Prudent Baby

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This little machine is going to take my air plant chandelier cards to a whole new level. I mean, how cute is this birthday tag?

Cupcake Wrap from Baking = Love

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If there’s a party, I’m probably bringing the cupcakes. But, now my cupcakes are going to dress for the occasion! Cupcake black tie, anyone?

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This idea came directly from the Silhouette SD website, and it’s absolutely brilliant. I’m adding this project to the list of reasons why I really, really want a goldfish. (You can ask my best friend’s cat why I don’t have a goldfish now.)

These are just a few project ideas. I haven’t even gotten to place settings, greeting cards, temporary tattoos, transfers, labels… Clearly, I’m going to be busy for a while.

What would you make?



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