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What’s With Today, Today?

What's With Today, Today? | Red-Handled Scissors
I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. The week has really gotten away from me, even though I feel like it just started! But, nonetheless, I’ve somehow already munched through much of the bread/granola/chickpeas/stew from my cooking marathon on Sunday.

Tuesdays are always my crazy days. Somehow, there always seems to be a whole pile of things that need a piece of my time, and not enough hours in the day. Yesterday, in a rush to pick up my CSA share, I noticed a happy green plant growing out of an indoor subway grate. Just as I stopped to take a picture—musing to myself about how life goes on in even the most unlikely of places—a guy ran down the subway steps, tripped, and dropped a full can of ginger ale, which exploded upon impact (all over me).

On the bright side, at least there were some amazing blackberries in the CSA share! That makes everything better, righ?

With the universe’s sense of humor squarely aimed in my direction, I opted for a very simple dinner: seasoned chickpeas on homemade toast with Daiya cheese and frozen peas. It seemed harmless enough. However, this photo was snapped mere seconds before Simon-the-Cat came flying onto the table, snatched a mouthful of chickpeas and Daiya, and dove back into his kitty lair. (Do cats even like chickpeas?) He was gone before I could even lift my hand to swat him away from my plate.

Defeated, I spent the rest of the night making an air plant chandelier.

I’m happy to report that nothing else exploded and nothing else was stolen.

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