DC Eats Alone Tonight

DC Eats Alone Tonight | The Zen of Making

Last weekend, I was in Washington, DC on a business trip. I spent the days working hard, but still managed to find a little time in the evenings to sample some of the delicious vegan food that DC had to offer.

DC Eats Alone Tonight | The Zen of Making

If you’re vegan and visiting DC, you’re pretty much required to stop by Sticky Fingers Bakery. It’s a little out of the way, but it’s always more than worth the trek.

Sticky Fingers Bakery
1370 Park Road Northwest
Washington, DC 20010
(202) 299-9700

DC Eats Alone Tonight | The Zen of Making

The day I visited the bakery, it was 100 degrees and close to 100% humidity. There was nothing in the world I wanted more than vegan soft serve.

DC Eats Alone Tonight | The Zen of Making

I also got some cupcakes for the road. (For the record, not all of them are mine. I’m not quite that gluttonous.)

DC Eats Alone Tonight | The Zen of Making

When you go to Pizzeria Paradiso—and, trust me, you should—plan on waiting at least half an hour for your table. (Hey, it’s better than the full hour you had to wait before they moved and expanded!)

Pizzeria Paradiso
2003 P Street NW
Washington, DC
(202) 223-1245

DC Eats Alone Tonight | The Zen of Making

I had a vegan Paradiso pizza with roasted garlic and spinach. Next time, I’ll definitely steer clear of the whole wheat crust and go straight for the full, unhealthy glory of white flour.

DC Eats Alone Tonight | The Zen of Making

There was only one vegan item on the menu at TenPenh. Luckily, the vegetarian pho, though a little light on the tofu, was quite tasty.

TenPenh (now closed)
1001 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20004-2530
(202) 393-4500

DC Eats Alone Tonight | The Zen of Making

Unsurprisingly, my favorite part of eating at TenPenh was the monkey charms hanging on the drinks. On second thought, the drinks were pretty good too.

I only had time to hit a few places on this trip. Next time, I think I’ll go on a DC tour of vegan pizzas and burritos.



  1. whit says:

    I was there too! and our mutual friend Brooks took me to this place in Columbia Heights for vegan pizza called Pete's Apizza, which was VERY good. I also accidentally found this place called Ella's (which my co-worker HAD to go to because her daughter's name is Ella) which was good for the non-vegans, but not as great for me (though to havge a vegan option impresses me enough :)).

    I also went (by myself, but met a really nice guy sitting at the bar) to this AMAZING Turkish restaurant called Ezme near Dupont Circle. The food was great, the staff was great, everything was great. I would highly recommend it!

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