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Sunday Snapshot: The Air Plants are Blooming!

It may be gloomy outside, but inside the air plants are blooming!


Starting the Fire Escape Garden

Starting the Fire Escape Garden | The Zen of Making
Today was a perfect sunny day, and I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do than start setting up this year’s fire escape garden. (Read: PLAY IN THE DIRT AND MAKE A MESS!!)

Using the brilliant baseball card page seed starter idea that I mentioned in last week’s Friday Internet Crushes, I started some basil, oregano, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, rosemary, and thyme. (The rest of the herbs don’t need to be started inside, so they’ll go right in the outside planter.) Since I was working by myself, I used a desktop file organizer to keep my pages full of seeds upright until I was ready to hang them.

I can’t adequately express how excited I am about having vertically hanging seed starters. This year, I was determined to do things by the book—starting seeds, thinning the seedlings, then planting the healthy baby plants—and I had no idea how I was going to keep the cats out of seed trays. If the baseball card pages work out, it will absolutely be my go-to method from now on. My teeny city apartment doesn’t have too many horizontal spaces to spare, so anything vertical makes me very, very happy.

While I was in the mess, I also planted my strawberry plants, a couple of pots of catnip, and some nasturtiums. Then, I freshened up the window garden, topping off soil, trimming back overgrown plants, and re-potting as needed. As I was finishing up, I decided to test some recycled glass bottle “water globes” on a few of the thirstier plants to see how well they worked. After several hours, the water level on all three are holding steady, so I have high hopes that a late-night mess isn’t in the cards. If the glass bottles work on the indoor plants, I’ll be using them on the fire escape this summer to keep the plants from wilting on especially hot summer days.


Sunday Snapshot: Spring Seed Shopping

Sunday Snapshot: Spring Seed Shopping | The Zen of Making
Spring in Brooklyn!

In celebration of the BEAUTIFUL weather in Brooklyn today (79 degrees and sunny), Jeremy and I headed out to buy the seeds and supplies needed to get our fire escape garden going for the summer. What I’m most excited about: cherry tomatoes, hot pepper plants, and the strawberry growing kit.

Sunday Snapshot: Spring Seed Shopping | The Zen of Making
I’m not being a bad influence at all. Seriously.

Wheeee, spring!


Friday Internet Crushes: Love Your Mother (Earth)

Urbio Urban Vertical Garden

Friday Internet Crushes: Love Your Mother (Earth) | The Zen of Making
Photo care of http://myurbio.com/

Since my very first trip to Germany in college, where each room in the dorm where we stayed was fitted with a modular bathroom with modern fixtures that all snapped together seamlessly (and could be cleaned by spraying the whole thing with the movable shower head), I’ve been in love with modular design. So, unsurprisingly, the Urbio vertical garden setup is now at the absolute top of the things-I-really-really-really-want list. Best part is, this isn’t just an awesome concept design. It’s actually real, and you can get planter kits by supporting them on Kickstarter.

Baseball Card Page Seed Starter from Thrifty Decorating

Photo care of http://thriftydecorating-nikkiw.blogspot.com/

Yesterday, with visions of cat tornadoes dancing through my head, I was looking around my apartment, trying to figure out where in the world I was going to put seed starter trays. Clearly, this is the answer.

Made with Love: Found Terrariums Tutorial from Design*Sponge

Photo care of http://www.designspongeonline.com/

Next time my husband asks me why empty glass jars can’t just go in the recycling bin, I’m going to open a link to this tutorial and point. I’m not hoarding—I’m planning ahead!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Now, go out and play in some dirt!

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